Monday, 13 June 2011

Jumble Jelly's biggest compliment to date!!!

From day one, we have wanted Jumble Jelly to provide the mouth-watering appeal of a sweetie shop with lots of bright and cheerful colours, from buttons to wools to fabrics to cotton reels to crafting kits.

Well only last week, less than 2 months in, we received our biggest compliment yet!! Someone confused Jumble Jelly with one of the largest colourful jelly bean confectioners in the world!!!!  Yes, we were completely over-whelmed (and bemused)! 

Jelly Belly sell the most delightful colours and flavours of jelly beans and are the high profile American brand, selling jelly bean candy worldwide.

Our motivation is refuelled and we can take on the world!!! day we are a local Bradford-on-Avon shop, next we are being compared and confused with a global phenomenon!
But a warning just in case (!!):  Our products (including colourful buttons, fabrics, cottons reels and mouthwatering wools) are NOT edible!!!! 

Thank you for the compliment. 

Do come and see for yourselves, visit Jumble Jelly, 10 Silver Street, Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire, BA15 1JY (near the City of Bath, Somerset).

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