Monday, 30 May 2011

Ramblings of a yarn geek in cyberspace

I can talk about yarn for days, I can crochet up a blizzard of snowflakes all in the time it takes Mr Jumble to watch a movie, hook a scarf and matching mittens on a wet Sunday afternoon.  I have had a fabric stash for many years, long before I was given a sewing machine - something about textiles makes me giddy and excited, my heart gets jittery at the mere thought of some hooky time. 

A cup of tea and an inspirational book full of colour, textures and new ways of exploring textiles is my idea of utopia.

But computers, YUCK,  my words dry up, the interest is lost and my brain begins to ache.  I think really it's a fear, computers seem to think for themselves when you least expect it and yet when you want to find something it's gone!

So when Jumble Jelly found itself of Facebook I very quickly and happily gave this to Mrs Jelly - she is much better at Facebook than I am.  My personal account (as all my friends there will testify) is shockingly neglected.  I am probably missing something wonderful but I'd rather have a skein of yarn......

Then Jumble Jelly went on Twitter, it was only fair for me to take some responsibility.  I duly learnt my username and password and learnt how to Tweet!  I was so very proud of myself, I am even able to achieve this unsupervised and with no direction or instruction. That immense pride and self worth came tumbling down around me when only a few days ago I discovered that my cyber skills are still sadly way behind my youngest child.  I have spent the last few weeks completely unaware that lovely people out there had sent messages, tried engaging in conversation with us, all without my knowledge meaning they got no response.

I am so sorry but you see I am just a yarn geek in a world way beyond my comfort zone, desperate to spend all my days talking hooks, yarn and fabric but I apologise for my appalling cyber skillls and promise that I will try to be better or if that fails ply Mrs Jelly with chocolate brownies and make such a bad job of it that she will feel compelled to rescue the general public from the yarn geek!

On a more cheery note Jumble & Jelly (the woolly ones, not myself and Mrs Jelly) have a rather big day ahead of them tomorrow - it's shearing day!  We are hoping for a warm and sunny day so that losing their fleecy coats is not too much of a shock.  I promise to update with pictures tomorrow evening.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Children's Half Term Workshops

Children’s Half Term Workshops

Tuesday 31st May 2011, 2pm-4pm (age 6yrs & over)
£10 per child to include materials

Wednesday 1st June 2011, 10am-12pm (age 8yrs & over)
£10 per child to include materials

CROCHET FOR KIDSThursday 2nd June 2011, 10am-12pm
£10 per child to include materials
Pop in to Jumble Jelly to book any of the above workshops

Jumble Jelly ON TOUR at King Edwards Pre-Prep and Nursery School in Bath

Jumble Jelly had a fab day at King Edwards Pre-Prep and Nursery School in Bath on Saturday 21st May 2011.  It was lovely to see so many families out enjoying the sunshine and having fun together on the school's "Fun Day".  We were over-whelmed by the high numbers of crafters among the younger people, with many already proficient at embroidery, knitting and sewing.  Its great to see such enthusiasm for getting creative.

A big thank you to King Edwards Pre-Prep and Nursery School for inviting Jumble Jelly to take part in a fantastic "Fun Day".

Debbie and Roxana xxx

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Man Knitting at Jumble Jelly

You see what happens if you hang around Jumble Jelly for more than 30 minutes?!  Yes it really is an OH who was gently introduced to the realm of knitting one Knit & Natter morning last week.  The scary part of this story is that he is really enjoying his new found hobby and came back again today!

The only negative that I can find is that I see him casting an eye over my stash, which is not a good thing as I have plenty of yummy yarns in there that are NOT for his use.  I guess this means we will have to have a Man Stash, any suggestions welcome!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Wow what an afternoon! 

We were honoured to have a visit from Amanda & Phil of The Natural Dye Studio this afternoon.  They came to Jumble Jelly armed with a huge pile of their delicious natural, hand dyed yarns!  Much squeezing, adoration and general merriment took place.  We now have an amazing stash of the most lovely yarns which we are ready to share......please note rationing may be enforced!!!!!

Debbie & Rox xx

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Arrival of Jumble & Jelly.....

I hope you all had a wonderful extended bank holiday weekend, ours was wonderful.  So many lovely people popping in on Saturday to chat about "the dress" and "the parties", so much fun and we love the buzz of the community that seems to be growing around the shop, it's so much more than we had even dreamt of.

Then two days off, amazing, our poor children took all of Sunday to work out who we were, but have no fear, by Monday they were back in the swing of things!

Monday was such an exciting day for us because we went to see our very own Jumble & Jelly, who are two of the most lovely North Ronaldsay sheep, who are classified as "Endangered" on the RBST List (Rare Breed Survival Trust).  We are fortunate enough to have a small woodland and pasture where we have bred rare breed pigs and sheep in the past, along with endless poultry.  So Jumble and Jelly arrived at their new home today and are settling in well.  Our aim is to, as always, preserve and ensure conservation of our nations breeds of livestock, which through general commercialism have declined to endangered levels.  This means we need to find sustainable reasons for keeping and breeding them in the future.

The North Ronaldsay sheep provide dense, knittable and beautifully coloured fleeces which make wonderfully warm and durable outdoor jumpers.  We will be shearing, cleaning, carding and spinning (not all by ourselves I hasten to add!) then selling this fabulous wool at Jumble Jelly - thus ensuring a reason to keep and breed these wonderful animals for future generations.

Rox and Debs xx