Monday, 8 October 2012

From humble beginnings....

On one of those rare days when I bumble around my local town, catching up with friends over a coffee and casting an eye over the charity shops which have escaped my attention for a few months, I found some treasures to get the creative ideas flowing.

I love old suitcases and images they evoke, momentous journeys to well trodden paths, I can never walk past them always hoping for a hint of their owners hiding inside - this battered gem didn't disappoint! With a beautifully written paper giving clues to its previous life as well as napkins and a delightful handkerchief - happy me!

But the beauty which got me crafting was the well worn woollen blanket, clearly much loved and thread bare in places. It was time for it to be loved again. I have so many plans it needed a cup of tea to decide what should come first.

After it's little spa treatment and a good drying & airing in the autumn sunshine, I got busy.

With a few scraps of fabric, hook and yarn my new crochet hook case was created. The pleasure in taking such an every item and repurposing it, when to the untrained eye it's 'past it's peak', is so satisfying.

What would you have made?


From humble beginnings

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